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This podcast contains two different shows: Sean Kelly Reviews - Reviews of recent releases, adapted from Sean Kelly's writing. Sean Kelly Interviews - interviews with filmmakers and other personalities conducted by Sean Kelly
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Dec 7, 2018

To coincide with the fact that the film is now available for streaming on Shudder, here is the interview I conducted during this year's Toronto After Dark Film Festival with director Brett Simmons and star Fran Kranz about the meta horror-comedy You Might Be the Killer.

00:19 - Introductory Comments
01:19 - Clip: "You Might Be the Killer" by Harlo
01:44 - Interview - Brett Simmons and Fran Kranz on You Might Be the Killer *Some Spoilers*
11:56 - Closing Comments

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Nov 27, 2018

For the third year in a row, here is a podcast featuring interviews from the 2018 Blood in the Snow Film Festival. This includes brief interviews for the features SuperGridHammer of the Gods, and Level 16, the web series Damaged and Allie & Lara Make a Horror Movie and the short film Binge. Enjoy.

00:19 - Opening Comments
01:40 - Lowell Dean on SuperGrid
04:53 - Samantha Carly on Hammer of the Gods
07:00 - Danishka Esterhazy on Level 16
09:23 - Richard Rotter, Ryan Lussing, and John Murray on Damaged
13:52 - Larissa Thomas on Allie & Lara Make a Horror Movie
16:30 - David J. Fernandes on Binge
21:03 - Closing Comments

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Oct 19, 2018

The documentary Transformer, winner of the Audience Award from the 2018 Hot Docs Film Festival, opens this week at the Imagine Cinemas Carlton in Toronto. To coincide with the release of the film, I am posting the interview I did at Hot Docs with Transformer's director Michael Del Monte and subject Janae Marie Kroczaleski. Enjoy.

00:20 - Opening Comments
00:48 - Interview with Michael Del Monte and Janae Marie Kroc on Transformer
10:32 - Closing Comments

Oct 2, 2018

I did something a little different for the latest episode of Sean Kelly Reviews, as I recorded the episode live on YouTube. Here is the proper, edited episode featuring reviews of Night SchoolMandy, and Bad Reputation.

00:18 - Introduction
00:42 - Review: Night School
03:56 - Review: Mandy
08:09 - Review: Bad Reputation
11:17 - Closing Comments

Jul 25, 2018
It is my second Sean Kelly Interviews podcast from the 2018 Fantasia Film Festival. In this episode I talk to director Michael Mort about Chuck Steel: Night of the Trampires, followed by a discussion with director Jen Wexler, producer Heather Buckley, and actors Chloe Levine and Jeremy Holm about The Ranger. It's a jam packed episode, so I hope it is one that you enjoy! 00:20 - Introductory Comments 00:56 - Interview with Michael Mort about Chuck Steel: Night of the Trampires 04:57 - Transitional Comments 05:32 - Interview with Jen Wexler, Heather Buckley, Chloe Levine, and Jeremy Holm about The Ranger 17:27 - Closing Comments
Jul 15, 2018
It is a special Fantasia episode of Sean Kelly Interviews, as I post my interview with Maurizio Guarin, best known for his work with the Italian progressive rock band Goblin, who is at Fantasia to present his live score for the 1911 Italian horror film L'Inferno (aka Dante's Inferno). Enjoy.
Jun 11, 2018
In this episode of Sean Kelly Reviews, I talk about the much hyped horror film Hereditary and the Mr. Rogers documentary Won't You Be My Neighbour 00:18 - Introduction 01:59 - Clip - Hereditary Trailer 04:04 - Review - Hereditary 07:34 - Clip - Won't You Be My Neighbour Trailer 09:59 - Review - Won't You Be My Neightbour 12:54 - Closing Comments
May 23, 2018

On this edition of Sean Kelly Reviews, we will be talking about Deadpool 2 and Tully.

00:17 - Introduction
01:26 - Clip - Deadpool 2 trailer (Course Language)
03:56 - Review - Deadpool 2
08:08 - Clip - Tully trailer
10:20 - Review - Tully
13:56 - Closing Comments


Apr 17, 2018

It's the long-delayed second episode of Sean Kelly Reviews! In this episode, I discuss Rampage and Blumhouse's Truth or Dare!

00:18 - Introduction
00:56 - Rampage Trailer
03:26 - Review: Rampage
08:06 - Truth or Dare Trailer
10:35 - Review: Truth or Dare
15:05 - Closing Comments

Apr 2, 2018

It's a very special episode of Sean Kelly Interviews... as I celebrate World Autism Awareness Day and post my Hot Docs 2016 interview with filmmakers Nathan Drillot and Jeff Petry and subject Robert Gagno about their film Wizard Mode. This is great interviewing running nearly 20 minutes, which includes much discussion about people on the Autistic Spectrum.

00:21 - Introduction
01:11 - Interview with filmmakers  filmmakers Nathan Drillot and Jeff Petry and subject Robert Gagno about Wizard Mode
20:33 - Closing Comments

Other Stuff

Feb 27, 2018

Reviews have arrived to the Sean Kelly on Movies podcast! In this episode I review the films Annihilation and Mute.

00:21 - Introduction
01:04 - Clip: Annihilation Trailer
03:28 - Review: Annihilation
07:04 - Clip: Mute Trailer
09:00 - Review: Mute
12:40 - Closing Comments

Nov 29, 2017

It is time for our second episode focused on the Blood in the Snow Canadian Film Festival! Even though I was busy with the premiere of my short film Itch, I still had time to interview the people behind the opening and closing films Red Spring and Darken. Enjoy.

OPENING CLIP - Excerpt from Sean Kelly's live BITS Radio recording about Itch

00:28 - Introduction
02:48 - Clip: Red Spring Trailer
04:24 - Interview with Red Spring director/star Jeff Sinasac and producer Tonya Dodds
08:43 - Post Interview Comments
09:29 - Clip: Darken Trailer
11:03 - Interview with Darken director Audrey Cummings
17:44 - Closing Remarks

CLOSING CLIP - Opening Theme from Itch by Everett Dudgeon

Other Stuff

Oct 13, 2017

It's a Friday the 13th edition of Sean Kelly Interviews..., as I present my interview with Alexandre Philippe about 78/52, his documentary about the Psycho shower scene. This interview was previously made available to Patreon patrons, but now is available for all (the raw unedited audio will remain on Patreon). I hope you enjoy.

OPENING CLIP - 78/52 Trailer

1:21 - Introductions

2:13 - Interview with Alexandre Philippe on 78/52

12:23 - Closing Comments

CLOSING CLIP - "Psycho Theme" by Bernard Herrmann

Other Stuff

Sep 27, 2017

The Sean Kelly on Movies Podcast is now officially known as "Sean Kelly Interviews..." to reflect how interviews have dominated the content of this podcast since it relaunched last year.

With the film Let Me Make You a Martyr now streaming as an exclusive on the horror streaming service Shudder, I thought that I would go the interview I did with, the filmmakers of the film, Corey Asraf and John Swab following the Let Me Make You a Martyr's world premiere at the 2016 Fantasia Film Festival.

OPENING CLIP - Let Me Make You a Martyr Trailer

1:27 - Introductions

2:15 - Interview with Let Me Make You a Martyr filmmakers Corey Asraf and John Swab

9:10 - Closing Comments/Next Episode

CLOSING CLIP - "Sweet Dreams" by Marilyn Manson

Other Stuff

Jun 23, 2017

To coincide with the film's Toronto premiere this weekend at What The Film Festival 2017, here is the interview I conducted at Fantasia 2016 with the people behind the very weird She's Allergic to Cats.

OPENING CLIP - She's Allergic to Cats Trailer

01:31 - Introductions/Housecleaning
04:46 - Interview with She's Allergic to Cats director Michael Reich and star Mike Pinkney
23:46 - Closing Comments

CLOSING CLIP - "Kitty" by President's of the United States of America

Other Stuff:

Mar 6, 2017

To coincide with the start of the Ban This Series at the Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema, here is my interview from Hot Docs 2016 with Iranian filmmaker Rokhsareh Ghaem Maghami on her documentary Sonita.

OPENING CLIP - Sonita Trailer Excerpt

00:38 - Introductions
02:40 - Interview with Sonita director Rokhsareh Ghaem Maghami
10:24 - Closing Comments

CLOSING CLIP - "Brides for Sale" - Sonita

Other Stuff:

Dec 13, 2016

We have gone from three months between episodes to less than three weeks!

This is a holiday edition of the Sean Kelly on Movies podcast featuring an interview with the cast and crew of the slasher film Secret Santa, which was recorded during the 2015 edition of the Blood in the Snow Film Festival.

Enjoy the interview and we'll see you in the New Year!

OPENING CLIP - Secret Santa Trailer

01:03 - Introduction
01:46 - Secret Santa interview (SPOILERS)
08:43 - Closing Comments

CLOSING CLIP - "The Night Santa Went Crazy (Extra Gory Version)" - Weird Al Yankovic

Other Stuff:

Dec 2, 2016

Wow! Sorry for the three month wait between episodes. there were just some ideas I had for this podcast that never really got off the ground.

Well, I am back with a collection of interviews from the 2016 Blood in the Snow Film Festival. Please note that some of these interviews have spoilers for the films, so please refer to the show notes and skip ahead if needed.

Opening Clip - BITS 2016 Bumper

00:29 - Introduction
01:49 - Streamer Interview with co-director Jared Bratt(Spoilers)
11:20 - Capture Kill Release Interview with co-director Nick McAnulty (Spoilers)
21:40 - No Trespassing Interview with director Charlie Lawton and producer Brendan Whelton
24:45 - 3 Dead Trick or Treaters Interview with director Torin Langen
32:42 - Closing Comments

Closing Clip - Trick 'r Treat Main Titles - Douglas Pipes

Aug 30, 2016

It's the first episode of Sean Kelly on Movie's podcast series "Lost Interviews." Over the years I have accumulated a number of interviews with filmmakers, usually at film festivals. Usually, I would transcribe and post the interviews to coincide with the reason of the film I am interviewing for. However, sometimes that doesn't happen and a perfectly good interview is left sitting on my hard drive. As such, I thought I would periodically pick one of these "lost" interviews and release them relatively unabridged in podcast form.

First up is an interview I conducted on November 29, 2014 at the Blood and the Snow Film Festival with Justin Decloux about his debut feature film Teddy Bomb. Decloux is probably best known to Torontonians as the co-curator of the Laserblast Film Society, which screens monthly at the Royal Cinema, and he is also currently at work on his second feature Impossible Horror. This interview was a wonderful ten minute conversation about Teddy Bomb and I am happy it can finally see the light of day. Enjoy.